Since 1989, Stellar Graphics has built its business around the simple idea of supplying its clients with efficient professional services at a competitive cost. Our simplified structure has no sales reps, and no large plant. Our small but versatile and experienced staff enables us to run efficiently, keep our overhead low, and then pass on the cost savings to our clients.


Our capabilities extend from the creation of a simple one-colour ad to four-colour ad campaigns, product brochures, through to multi-colour annual reports. From your base ads, we will reconfigure and create new material to fit publicationsí specifications; i.e. image density, sizing and format. We can also create posters and other collateral material from the base elements. Proofreading, typographic checking, formatting, and image cataloguing are also part of the services offered at Stellar Graphics. Please contact us for more details on any prepress service you may require.

File Preparation

We finish your project, liaising with the printer to ensure all material is RIP ready. Stellar Graphics will ensure that the correct trapping is set up, files separate properly, and all necessary components are present. Once the project is completed, we will prepare your files in any format you choose: digitally or mechanically.

Scanning and Colour Correction

Our CreoScitex scanner has an image area of 12"x18" and is capable of handling transparencies, negatives, and reflective art. Enlargements up to 2000%. We will supply scans as line art, greyscale, RGB or colour-corrected CMYK images to your specifications. We provide custom retouching, creation of duotones, tritones and quadtones, spot and touch plates for five- and six-colour printing.

Electronic Ad Distribution and FTP Hosting

Stellar Graphics can distribute your ad campaign via email, host it on our FTP server, or post it to an FTP site of your choice. We will also contact and fax publications to confirm content and method of supply.

Film Output

Our imagesetter is capable of output up to 300lpi with a maximum image area of 14"x47". Throughout the day we monitor the complete film production process to ensure that our film output is consistent and of the highest quality. Our Level 3 RIP is true Adobe Postscript allowing for a PDF workflow. Our imagesetter supports 1096 grey levels instead of the old standard of 256 levels, allowing for much smoother gradations and cleaner colour.


Our imposition software (common to CTP installations) allows us to impose almost any Mac or PC file format into any layout your printer requires without modifying the original content.


·  Xerox Fiery proofs onto the stock of your choice for colour mockups or dummies.